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What is Teendom Africa?

 Teendom Africa is a space for the smart and ambitious teenager. It provides unrivalled products, that inform, educate and inspire you to become self- aware and ultra-confident. As the #1 brand for teenagers, Teendom Africa engages every aspect of your life from relationships, lifestyle, entertainment, sexual and reproductive health, leadership, career choices and finances. We work with teen leaders, mentors and teen friendly organizations to highlight your success stories and to reflect your dreams and aspirations for the future.

Our mission, is to help you thrive through adolescence.

What is our origin?

Teendom Africa was established after the launch of the second edition of the book, “Teens Guide to the Constitution of Kenya.” The Teens Guide is an easy to read summary of the constitution for teenagers and young adults and offers young people the opportunity to understand and appreciate the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. However, upon further engagements with young people on the book, it was realized that they need more information on the issues affecting them including on their health and social and career choices. Teendom Africa was therefore established as a ‘one-stop shop’ where young people can receive and share this information and interact with their peers.


Teendom Africa believes knowledge is power and the dissemination of timely and accurate information to young people like yourself, can help build future generations of whole and civically engaged citizens. By providing information on critical issues such as teen relationships, mental health, sexual and reproductive health, volunteer opportunities, politics, child participation and sponsorship opportunities, Teendom Africa is creating a pool of informed, educated and active citizens who are self aware and socially mobile.

What do we aspire to become?

We aspire to become the reference center for teenagers, young adults, organizations, governments and regional bodies on matters related to teenagers and young adults and their engagements in their communities.

What do we want to achieve?

To establish a resource center for young people

To guide and equip young people with life and livelihood skills

To create awareness among young people on how they can actively contribute to nation building

To contribute to the education needs of young people

 Our Commitment?

To nurture future generations of engaged citizens, by providing knowledge and information on the issues that affect them.

Why Teendom Africa?

Timely delivery of accurate and reliable information

Strong partnerships for undertaking innovative projects

Highly qualified and experienced staff

Good customer service

What do we do?

We research, develop, publish and disseminate information for teenagers and young adults.

How do we do it?

By providing publications, training and edutainment to young people on the issues impacting their lives.

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