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self esteem diy’s

The older generations say that it is teenagers that are most affected by low self-esteem but the truth of the matter is that everyone goes through moments of high and low self-esteem. When you have negative self-esteem, you tend to criticize yourself much more than the next person. You will also have trouble believing in their abilities and often feel guilty and ashamed about the issues that others may take lightly. On the other hand, when you cultivate a positive self-esteem you will regard yourself highly. You will exude confidence and have more solutions than worry, for the troubles that come your way.

It is not difficult to get to that blissful state of healthy self-esteem. It is also not a walk through the park to maintain it once you have acquired it, because life continues to happen and it doesn’t guarantee happiness 24-7-365.

So try these;

Believe, believe and believe.

It might sound cliché but it has to start from within. In many scenarios, self-esteem is a matter of confidence, which starts from the simple act of doing. For the world to know you can sing, you have to begin by actually singing. You cannot know this unless you try and slowly come out of your shell

Create a School-life balance

Homework and exams are bound to wear you down. You therefore need to have a hobby that you can engage in aside from your schoolwork. It could be reading, watching movies, artwork, listening to music or travelling. By indulging in something you love, you get a clearer mind to do more and better.

Surround yourself with positive relationships

You are likely to thrive through adolescence by surrounding yourself with positive energy. As the saying goes, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Choose friends who will pat you on the back just for being you.

Learn something new

Say you like pastries and there is a particular bakery you visit frequently to soothe your sweet tooth. You could choose to make your own home made pastries. Search recipes online, speak to the bakers you know and try out something new. This will increase your confidence in an area of interest for you

Reward YOU

You will try, you will make mistakes, you might fail. There will be hard days and you will want to crawl back into the shell of comfort that is the low self-esteem. But you can stop all that. Recognize your accomplishments, however little, because it is in those moments that your personality is strengthened. When you have a healthy self-esteem, you only look back to count your lessons and not to regret your decisions.

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