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All money no worries

A loaded bank account. A fat wallet and a heavy purse. This is definitely everyone’s desire. However, it is not a piece of cake to achieve this and that is why everyone is up and about hustling for money. For you to be comfortable with your finances you need to have financial discipline…and the path will look like this;

  1. Get a new notebook. It can even be an exercise book. Title it as My Financial Book. Then begin managing your money.
  2. Live within your means. Many people try to impress others or compare themselves to others and that is where they end up depressed on matters money. There is no point of you ordering expensive meals in restaurants, dressing classy and hanging out in exotic places when you struggle to pay for that. If you are unemployed don’t live like someone who has been earning. If you are a student, live like a student, don’t demand for more than what your pocket money can afford. When you see your friends going to malls don’t strain borrowing money to join them. Be you.
  3. Avoid taking loans from quick and easy apps readily available today.
  4. Keep off from betting sites. Why gamble with money that you don’t have?
  5. Draw a clear budget in your Financial Book. It can be a daily use budget or monthly budget. Having a budget helps you know what you need and what is not necessary at that time. Also, you are able to know how much you spend at a certain time. This is similar to the shopping list you write when going back to school or college.
  6. Save money. We save money to help during emergencies. When you receive money, put aside some amount for savings. Don’t save what remains after spending, it doesn’t work.
  7. Your friend wants you to lend him money. You don’t have the amount he is requesting for. Don’t fear to let him know that you don’t have money. In case you have less money, say NO. Remember that you are to lend out money you are willing to let go if that person fails to pay.
  8. Cut on costs;

a) You and your pals want to go out and have fun? How about you write down what you would want to eat then contribute and prepare them at home. Snacks such as burger, samosa, cakes and pizza can be homemade. This will not only save on costs but also guarantee safe and clean snacks.

b) Airtime and Internet charges are costly. How about you subscribe to free call minutes and data services where you use less for more. Also, have a plan on how you use the internet especially on social sites that consume a lot of data such as Instagram and YouTube

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