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Could this be it?

It was just before the first morning Chemistry double lesson, you and your classmates were reluctantly climbing up the stairs leading to the Chemistry lab. Panting heavily as you turned to the last uphill stretch, you summoned up the last of your energy and took a huge leap. Just as you took the leap, he appeared around the corner and straight into your path so you bumped into him slightly and immediately felt a wave of embarrassment flush over your body. He was adorned in the grey sweater, white shirt and black trousers that characterized your school uniform, a huge science textbook and a notebook tucked in his arm. 

‘’I’m so sorry’’, you muttered more to yourself than to him. 

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‘’It’s okay, it was just an accident’’, a sexy baritone voice emanated from this person you’d just bumped into and for a moment, you fought your shyness and mustered up the courage to look up to actually see his face. He was smiling compassionately, and your face turned pink in embarrassment. He was one of the most popular seniors in your school, a tall lanky Form Four student who was also a shooting guard in your school’s basketball team. ‘’No, it’s all my fault, I’m sorry’’, you said again as you hurried off to class, not giving him a chance to say another word. That same day at lunch hour, you received a note addressed to you. Surprised, because you weren’t expecting any note from anyone, you opened it hastily and read,

Angela, sorry about the morning incident. I’m hoping we can meet again, this time under more pleasant circumstances. I’ll be waiting for you at the gate after school today. 

With love, Vince.

You remember those words ringing in your mind over and over again, ‘’with love’’, and how your heart almost stopped when you read them. You tucked the note safely in your bag and let your mind drift off to fantasy as you waited for class to end.

That was the beginning.

Could this be love?

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