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Each election comes with its own successes and challenges. The 2017 elections were not any different as the country and its citizens experienced good moments and bad moments. Some voters found the experience very expensive as they had to travel to go and cast their vote. Others thought of it as very tiring due to the many campaigns and ethnic hostilities that characterized the process. Those most affected by the exercise lost their loved ones or were injured in the process as political parties and their leaders sought to get to power. But there were also valuable lessons to learn. We showed great respect for our constitution as it guided us on the dos and don’ts of the election. We saw our institutions such as the Supreme Court and Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission work for all Kenyans. Despite the political and tribal hostilities we exercised control and did not drive our country into a civil war. We remain strong as a people despite the challenges and perhaps even more committed to working towards a better experience come the next elections in 2022.

As a young citizen you did not vote during this process but through your parents and teachers you now have leaders whose actions and decisions are affecting your life. At the national level you have a President and Deputy President who are in charge of your welfare at that level. They are supported by Members of Parliament (MPs), Senators, women and youth representatives all who must work to make laws and policies that better your life.  At the county level you have Governors and Deputy Governors who are in charge of your county. You also have Members of the County Assemblies (MCA’s) who are required to make good laws at the county level.

H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta during the #MashujaaDay2020 celebrations at Gusii Stadium, Kisii County

The quality of your life will improve or get worse over the next five years depending on how these leaders serve their country. Their choices (for instance, whether to allocate more money for your health and education or whether to build better sports and talent facilities) will determine how best you enjoy your rights and fulfil your responsibilities.

The national government for example is committing to four key things over this period. It wants to build affordable new houses for Kenyans to ensure all Kenyans enjoy their right to decent housing. It also wants to ensure that Kenyans have a ready and health food market so that no Kenyan starves or suffers from poor nutrition. The national government is also keen on building more industries to create jobs and ensure that Kenyans enjoy cheaper goods and services that are locally made. It also promises to better its healthcare system so that all Kenyans are able to afford quality healthcare services.   

All the 47 County governments also have their priorities and it is upon you to find out what your county leadership stands for and their plan for the things that matter to you. What are they saying about your environment? What about alcohol, drugs abuse and pornography in your neighbourhood? How are they planning to address issues of insecurity in your area? Being a good citizen requires that you are aware of and involved in your community. Get to know your county and its leaders and share with them your hopes and dreams for the future

Who is my President?
Who is my Governor?
Who is my Deputy President?
Who is my Member of County Assembly (MCA)?
Who is my Deputy Governor?
Who is my Member of Parliament?
Who is my Youth Representative?
Where is my County’s Headquater located
What do I like about my County?
If I could change something about my County what would it be?

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